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bi sexuality meaning in hindi

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"Then I shall ask Mistress Mabel to forbid you going beyond the moat," said Maud.

So to prevent this she threw a cloak over her head, and followed the maid, without speaking, to where a muffled figure stood outside the door. She had only stepped off the threshold, when a gust of wind blew the door close, and at the same moment her wrist was seized, and she was dragged away from the house; and before she could even scream, or give any alarm, she was lifted on to a horse, and the man sprang up before her, and galloped away into the village.

"Why?" she said, quickly, in a tone of pain.

"I am going to Oxford," calmly spoke Master Drury; and during the remainder of the day he was occupied in making preparations for his departure.

"Mary, you cannot mean to do it," she uttered, as soon as she was able to speak.


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