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flexible spending account - contribution

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“I will know how to do it next time,” Tony said with a grin. Mark realized that every time he showed the leader of the mutineers something about the ship it was putting the professor and his friends more and more into the power of the scoundrels. But there was no help for it.

By this illumination could be seen, flapping through the big space overhead, an enormous bat, as large as three eagles. And, as it flew about in a circle it gave utterance to shrill cries.

“Shall we go out?” he asked.

“What good did it do us to get all those diamonds and that gold?” asked Mark in a sorrowful tone.

“It is more like the Last Hope instead of the Good Hope,” observed Mr. Henderson in a quiet voice, as he saw the flames mount higher and higher over the ship. A few seconds later the craft seemed rent by an internal explosion. It appeared to break in two parts, and, amid a shower of sparks and a cloud of black smoke, the vessel sank under the water and was seen no more.


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