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The Master’s frequent themes of discourse were-the Odes, the History, and the maintenance of the Rules of Propriety. On all these he frequently discoursed.

The Master said, Anciently, men had three failings, which now perhaps are not to be found.

The superior man did not use a deep purple, or a puce color, in the ornaments of his dress.

King Wan possessed two of the three parts of the empire, and with those he served the dynasty of Yin. The virtue of the house of Chau may be said to have reached the highest point indeed.”

Being without anxiety or fear!” said Nui;”does this constitute what we call the superior man?”

The Master said, Specious words confound virtue. Want of forbearance in small matters confounds great plans.”

What are your wishes, Ch’ih,” said the Master next to Kung-hsi Hwa. Ch’ih replied, I do not say that my ability extends to these things, but I should wish to learn them. At the services of the ancestral temple, and at the audiences of the princes with the sovereign, I should like, dressed in the dark square-made robe and the black linen cap, to act as a small assistant.”

Zan Yu said, Our master wishes the thing; neither of us two ministers wishes it.”


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